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Integra Ledger will be releasing the Integra Wallet, the first blockchain wallet developed specifically for the global legal industry. Integra is the architect and developer of the Integra Ledger, the first blockchain designed for the legal industry. Integra is also one of the co-founders of the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium, the standards-setting and governance body for blockchain in the legal industry.

Up until now, only software developers could access Integra, but with the release of the Integra Wallet, everyone can use Integra Ledger and the “Integra IDs” that it creates to secure and authenticate legal data using existing software with Integra plugins or Integra compatibility. The wallet will hold each user’s private, “digital keys” to validate their information on Integra Ledger, as well as serve as a “Rosetta Stone” for identity systems. Initially, the Integra Wallet will support binding to business centric social logins such as LinkedIn, but as blockchain identity solutions start to emerge, the Integra Wallet will incorporate them. An example of a blockchain identity solution is Sovrin. The Integra Wallet will connect to organizational identity systems, such as Active Directory, bridging the gap between corporate identity systems and blockchain-based identity.

For developers, the wallet will provide a series of tools designed to allow access to the Integra Ledger APIs though token generation and by providing an ultra-secure proxy, protecting all data transmission to the Integra Ledger blockchain. David Berger, CTO of Integra, explains that Integra can provide a dramatically more secure environment for law firms, companies, and governments to communicate and share data – basically a new data integrity and data security foundation for the entire legal industry.

In a nod to the importance of distributed Application (DApps), the wallet has been designed with development hooks that support the addition of a legal industry DApp store, where Integra Ledger blockchain-compliant applications can be distributed and installed in a secure environment. The goal is to make installation and use of legal industry blockchain applications as simple as “Install Now”. One can imagine a future when law firms could create and distribute their own blockchain-based DApps to clients, and the clients could easily install them and proceed to securely collaborate with the law firm. Integra’s vision is an interoperable global legal industry, where new functionality can be accessed as easily as “Install Now”, and data security is automatic via blockchain.

To support the spirit of community input and contribution, Integra released the (free) Integra Wallet on Friday, February 23, 2018, the first day of Global Legal Hackathon. The hope is to provide the global legal community with new resources and tools with which it can easily experiment and develop blockchain applications during the hackathon weekend.

Integra Wallet Available now

Select the version for your operating system, open the downloaded file, then follow the on-screen instructions to get started.

Integra Wallet for macOS

Integra Wallet for Windows