Remote Participation

All remote participants must follow the same rules as if a team were attending a local event. Therefore, all participants must agree to the Global Legal Hackathon Rules. If not, a team's presentation submission will be not be reviewed by the remote participation judging panel. 

The remote participation option was created for individuals who are unable to attend the host location, but still wanted to get involved and hack up some goodness! There are two ways to participate remotely: 

1. Remote Teams: Building a team of remote participants from around the world.

2. Joining a local team based at a host location.

All Remote Participants must sign the The Global Legal Hackathon Rules here:

Please review the rules below and the rest of the knowledge base to learn more about the Hackathon. Good Luck Hacking!

1. Remote Teams (only remote participants)

As a remote participant, none of the team members will be attending a local event. The team will be virtual through the  global Slack community. Therefore, it does not matter where the members are located. However, a team must follow the remote participant schedule below. Team members can find each other and teams can be formed through Slack. Slack details are below.

Remote Participant Schedule 

All remote teams will follow the schedule below based on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). 

    • February 23, 2018
      • 4:00PM Find and form teams on slack.
      • 6:00pm: Hacking Begins!
    • February  24, 2018
      • Full day of hacking and team collaboration. 
    • February 25, 2018
      • 11:59pm: Presentations are due for submission: Remote Team Submission Form
      • There is a remote panel of judges that will review all submissions. Given the remote nature of this, remote winning teams will take longer to process than the city host locations. The remote 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners will be announced on Feb 27th 1pm GMT. The 1st place team will go on to the 2nd rounds just like all the other teams. 

The GLH Community uses Slack as its home base for messaging and collaboration. Learn about all the details in the *Joining & Using Slack* article.

How to use Slack:  Slack Guide

Slack uses "channels" for groups of people to communicate. The channel for remote participants is: 

You're welcome to join other host locations channels too, to offer your skills or generally to get involved in the fun. E.g. #glh-toronto #glh-denver #glh-stockholm #glh-singapore ... etc etc. 

Complete list of locations can be see here: > Host Cities <

Submitting Your Team's Presentation

Below is the form to submit a team's presentation. Please provide a video link to your team's presentation. A team may use any video hosting site that has a shareable video stream link. 

Note all submissions are due by 11:59 GMT on February 25th

  • Submissions must be in a video format. This can be a recording of you and/or your team actually presenting. It could be a screen recording of you talking through the presentation and solution, or otherwise feel free to get creative! Can be no more than 5 minutes long.
  • All submissions must comply with the non-remote rules and guidelines.  
  • Can include links to demos or otherwise hosted prototypes or wireframes. 

Remote Team Submission Form

2. Remote Participants (joining local teams)

A remote participant can join a team that is based at a local hosting event in one of the 40 city locations. If a remote participant joins a local team, that remote participant follows the local event schedule. The remote participant can obtain the schedule and communicate with their team members through Slack. 

However, teams and host locations are not required to invite or bring remote participants on board. As a remote participant you can reach out to your closest host location and see if there are teams that need a team mate with your skill sets. They can then choose to invite you to their team. 

Note: if you are a remote participant that joins a local team, you are part of that host location and your team will present at that host location. They can video stream you in through Skype or some other method, to help you be involved in a real way! 

Remote participants that join local city teams, will join and be part of that city Slack channel. E.g. #glh-toronto #glh-denver #glh-stockholm #glh-singapore ... etc etc.