Technology Hub

The Global Legal Hackathon, is introducing a Legal Hub with tools sponsored by leading LegalTechs, for use during the hackathon to develop the  Minimum Viable Product. The technology will be provided at no charge to the participants during the event. Each team will have to work with the vendors directly after the event, to agree on terms and conditions for future. 


Integra Ledger 

This guide walks you through the steps necessary in creating a web-based HTML form (or other web-based technology) with all the fields embed in the smart document creation. Once you create this form, open it in a browser, fill it out and hit submit, you will receive your first Integra Ledger Smart Document digitally trusted on the blockchain. Not coding is needed to create an Integra Smart document. Only basic HTML is needed!

Link to Tool for use during hackathon: Smart Documents Tutorial
Link to demo form for use during hackathon: index.html
Link to Postman file for API calls: Global-Legal-Hackathon.postman_collection.json

Data Sets

Case Law Access Project

The Caselaw Access Project (“CAP”) expands public access to U.S. law. Our goal is to make all published U.S. court decisions freely available to the public online, in a consistent format, digitized from the collection of the Harvard Law Library.

Link to bulk data: Bulk Data
Link to bulk data download: index.html

Law Insider

Law Insider is a subscription based contract and clause database that enables lawyers, contract managers and business owners to draft and negotiate corporate agreements more efficiently. The millions of contracts contained on this website are extracted from SEC filings and other publicly available documents. New documents are catalogued and indexed daily. 

Link to Access: Sign up Here.
Use Promo Code:   hackathon-coupon-team (two free months access)

Document Automation


Legal document automation software to create powerful workflows that push data into your templates and forms.

Before this event, please sign up here ( for a free Documate educational account and load the Documate Word add-in to your Microsoft Word (instructions here). We will grant you full access after you sign up.

Once you’re activated, here are the instructions for how to use Documate in the session:

  1. You will sign into your account using the portal at (not the login at  
  2. Join our Slack Group, where you can ask questions about your interviews and stay in touch with each other. 
  3. Watch our Video Tutorials if you want a preview of what Documate does.
  4. Review our Help Guide to set up your Output Documents before you load them.