Joining & Using Slack

The GLH Community uses Slack as its home base for both global and local messaging and collaboration. This enables hosts, attendees, mentors and organizers to communicate with one other in a number of ways, before, during, and after the hackathon.

Not part of the GLH Community on Slack yet? Join here.

Once you’ve joined the community, find and join your local hackathon channel (e.g.: #glh-dubai, #glh-los-angeles. Remote Participant? Join #discord) then say hi to everyone there and in the community wide #global-general channel. Not sure how to find and join channels? Learn here.

New to Slack altogether? Here are some tips to help get you started:

You can also visit Slack's main Using Slack page with all sorts of how-to articles.

Local Hackathon Channels

  • Be sure to find and join your local channel (e.g.: #glh-dubai, #glh-los-angeles) where you can communicate with your local hosts and other attendees.
  • Remote Participant? Find our discord channel.

Team Messaging/Collaboration

  • Once the hackathon begins and teams are defined at each location, you can self organize into your own team Private Channel for your messaging/collaboration. Just select someone from your team to create and name the private channel then invite all your members to it.
  • Private Channel creation will be enabled the first day of the hackathon. Until then any necessary private group communication can be handled in group DMs