How do I pick an idea?

Judged Topics

Teams can work on any idea that is of interest to them, provided that ideas are related to the legal industry.

The two judged categories include:

  1. Progressing the business of law; or
  2. Facilitating access to justice 

#GLH2020 Challenges

GLH supporting organizations highlight important challenges that face the legal industry everyday. #GLH2020 is platform where innovative solutions are formed to address these issues. Challenges do not represent different judging categories, but rather are used to help focus teams on creating solutions with a potential to have a real impact.

Inclusivity Challenge 

 GLH weekend coincides with International Women’s Day (March 8). In honor of this confluence of events and in recognition of the importance of increasing involvement and leadership of women and diverse individuals in the world’s legal industry, the Global Legal Hackathon has partnered with RSG Consulting, She Breaks the Law, and BCLP to launch a new challenge and award for GLH 2020.

What is Inclusivity?
Inclusivity are private challenges within organisations in the legal industry. Also it has public ramifications and starts with increasing access and funding for education, other legal training, and enhancing access to justice for all. The GLH wants to ensure  teams do not feel constrained to construe the challenge narrowly, just limited to developing solutions to help individual organisations address inclusivity within their own organisation. Teams should consider creating solutions to help address inclusivity issues in various legal organizations including law firms, judiciary, companies, and universities. Think about what is the root cause of disparity in the legal industry.

Any team can participate in the Inclusivity Challenge and submit their solution in the information below. A virtual judging panel will select these teams to move on to future rounds. These winning teams will be included in upcoming events. 

Inclusivity Submission Form 

Inclusivity Judging Rubric (judging criteria)